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Training - How do I begin... - Tsawwassen Animal Hospital

Training – How do I begin…

Donated by Rob Scheel
Master Behaviour Therapist and Trainer for Bark Busters

Transform Your Wonderful Puppy Into a fantastic Dog
How do I Begin? Let Me Count the Ways
Start at home. When you first bring your pup home, visit the vet for a wellness check. If all is well, begin acclimating your pup to the sounds, sights and smells of its new environment – your home.

1.   On the town. Carry your pup around, have treats, and ask anyone who wants to meet your pup to offer her a treat.
2.  Don’t put your pup on the ground quite yet, but carrying her is perfectly safe. You want your puppy to think that loud noises, funny smells and silly people roaming the streets are perfectly normal!
3.  Traffic. Fire engine goes by? Buses, you can sit or stand at a bus stop. This will get your puppy used to all the noises and potentially scary things that he or she will inevitably encounter. If you expose your puppy to street sounds and traffic in a positive way he’ll be comfortable walking down the street with you.
4.   Invite a friendly, healthy, vaccinated dog, puppies and even cats to your home. The best way to socialize a puppy to another dog or puppy is on lead and under your supervision.
5.   Where to socialize. Spend time at your Vet’s office, and groomers, or look for a shopping centre in your neighbourhood where shops have dog cookies. If unsure if you should come into a store with your puppy simply ask at the door, a little puppy etiquette never hurts. Sitting at a busy bus stop is also a great place. Invite people to approach as long as it is a calm and happy experience.
6. Kids. If you do not have children it’s important that you seek out children so you can socialize your puppy. Children are more unpredictable and have fast moving hands. Puppies that are not exposed to children may fear them. Toddlers, babies, teenagers.
7.   People. All races, men, men with beards, women young and old, and uniforms. Meet the mailman. 8. Scary situations. Be careful not to give too much attention if your puppy acts fearful in a situation
that is normal. Do not coddle your puppy in these situations. Act like this is a normal moment.
9.   Car Rides.Take your puppy for short, frequent car rides, stop the car and let your puppy watch the world go by through the window.
10.   Introduce your puppy to umbrellas, bags, boxes, the vacuum cleaner, lawn mower, bikes, skateboards, roller blades, hats, sunglasses, garbage bags. Etc.
Encourage your puppy to explore and investigate his environment.
Call: Rob Scheel For Any Additional Consultation
Direct: 604-220-0359    www.barkbusters.ca
Toll Free 1-866-418-4584    E-mail: rob@barkbusters.ca

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