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Training Exercising Restraint - Tsawwassen Animal Hospital

Training Exercising Restraint

Donated by Rob Scheel
Master Behaviour Therapist and Trainer for Bark Busters
Transform Your Wonderful Puppy
Into a fantastic Dog



It is crucial to restrict movement of a dog’s body and head during an exam for protection of both dog and veterinary staff. This has to be taught, as it does not come naturally to dogs. Dogs do not enjoy being restrained, it’s frightening to them.

Teaching the following exercise at home will help to teach your dog that restraint is nothing to fear.

Whether your dog is on a table or on the floor, he should be standing for this exercise. If he is on the floor, kneel or crouch facing his side. If he is on a table, stand with your belly against the table facing his side.

  • Place the arm that is closer to your dog’ rear over his back. Bend the arm so you are cradling his side securely against your chest.
  • Place your other arm under his neck and hold it firmly against you.
  • Hold your dog to your body in this position gently but firmly for one second, say, “Yes Good dog” then release and feed a treat.
  • As long as the dog does not show signs of discomfort, do five repetitions.
  • If he struggles, do not correct him, do not say anything: just continue to hold him firmly.
  • Once the dog relaxes, say, “Yes Good dog” and release your hold.
  • This teaches the dog that when it relaxes while being restrained it earns its freedom and a treat.

Begin to add one second of calm restraint before saying, `Yes Good Dog!’ releasing and treating.
You want to accustom the dog to remain calm for a longer period of time while being restrained. Work up to 1 full minute and that’s plenty.

Break the exercise up into a few sessions, especially if your dog is nervous. You should eventually be able to restrain your dog for a slow count of ten.
Once he is relaxed being handled by you for 30 seconds, employ family members and friends to practice the same techniques beginning with one second.

Then try someone the dog knows and is comfortable with. Only move ahead when it’s obvious the dog is relaxed in all the previous sequences.

  • Veterinarians and their staff love dogs or they would not be in this profession.
  • They want to ensure their staff is safe and want to treat pets humanely to the best of their ability to prevent disease/treat medical problems.
  • Their goal is to do the best for your dog while being safe. Your goal is to have your dog calm and comfortable while being examined.

Call: Rob Scheel For Any Additional Consultation
Direct: 604-220-0359    www.barkbusters.ca
Toll Free 1-866-418-4584    E-mail: rob@barkbusters.ca

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